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With all the features that the Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts, there’s one feature that you may not know about: screen mirroring.

The Galaxy S8’s already expansive display is about to get better. All the photos, videos, apps and mobile games that make your S8 great can be replicated on your TV screen with the tap of your finger by using wireless screen mirroring technology that is built right in to the device. Screen mirroring is also knows as wireless display or screen sharing.


Share Your Phone Screen to a Smart TV

With newer Samsung smart TVs, you may be able to wirelessly display your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone screen directly on the TV. Check first that they are compatible.  Select “screen mirroring” on your TV under the “sources” menu. On your Samsung phone, select the Smart View icon under the notification menu and pair your devices.


Screen Mirror without a Compatible Smart TV

Perhaps you don’t have a smart TV, or don’t have one that is compatible to pair with your Samsung Galaxy S8 for screen mirroring. What can you do? You used to have to connect a phone directly to a TV with a cable in order to display what’s on your screen. No more. Now you can use a wireless display adapter.

Wireless display adapters (also known as wireless display receivers) are devices that plug into your TV. They are designed to receive a data signal from a smartphone. This allows you to display the content of your phone screen on the TV. As with any device, you’ll need to check that the adapter is compatible with your smartphone.

ScreenBeam’s ScreenBeam Mini2 is a wireless display adapter.  It is compatible with most Android mobile devices (4.2+) including the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is also compatible with most mobile devices running Windows 8.1+ and Windows 10/11.  


How ScreenBeam Mini2 Works

There are two requirements for using the ScreenBeam Mini2:

  1. The device screen you wish to share needs to be either Android (4.2+) or Windows (8.1+/10) and support Miracast. Most of these devices manufactured after 2012, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, support Miracast.
  2. Your TV needs to have an available HDMI port and USB port.

Simply plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 into an HDMI port and its power supply into the USB port, pair it with your S8, and share your screen. Share photos, TV shows, movies, mobile games, websites and more in minutes.

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Are you wondering where you can get more information on Wireless Display and Screenbeam Mini2?  Learn more on Screenbeam’s Complete Guide to Wireless Display.

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