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How To Use Wireless Video HDMI in a Bar or Restaurant


Imagine you have a big, beautiful flat screen TV installed behind the bar. Then you see those messy cables dangling down to connect to your set-top box.

Or, maybe you want to install a new TV in the dining area at your restaurant to showcase your menu and specials, but the expense and mess of drilling holes and running wires to your device isn’t ideal for you or your customers.

Using wireless video HDMI in your bar or restaurant is a great solution. With this technology you can wirelessly stream movies, TV shows or the big game from your media player to your HDTV. Turn your bar or restaurant into a great viewing experience for your customers.


What is “Wireless Video HDMI”?


Wireless Video HDMI is a way to send up to 4k quality video, audio or messages from your media player (tablet, set-top-box, Blu-ray player, etc.) wirelessly to your TV display. You don’t need to connect these devices directly together using long HDMI cables. Instead, you can simply attach a transmitter to your media player and a receiver to your TV. Using wireless video HDMI, you then wirelessly deliver the content you want to your big screen.


Say goodbye to messy cables that connected your devices to one another! With wireless video HDMI allows you can even have your media player in one room and your display in another. This not only offers greater freedom in device placement, but it also keeps everything looking clean and professional.



No Wi-Fi Needed


A wireless video HDMI transmitter and receiver kit works even without a Wi-Fi network signal, so streaming video won’t become a burden on a network. The transmitter connects to the set-top box or other media player, and the receiver connects to your TV. The transmitter sends its own strong, point-to-point signal out to the receiver. This signal can reach up to a 150-ft range even going through most walls and floors. This means that you can manage your media device in one room and stream to your TV in another.


Easy to Install


Wireless Video HDMI kits are easy to install and set up. They don’t require hiring professionals to drill holes and run wires through the walls. They also work with most remotes.

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