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Pros and Cons of Replacing HDMI Cables with Wireless Video HDMI


HDMI cables connect media devices (DVRs, cable boxes, Blu-rays, gaming consoles, etc.) to a TV to deliver video and audio content.

So you’re considering making the switch from traditional HDMI cables to a wireless video HDMI solution. Before you buy a wireless video HDMI kit, it’s important to know what to expect from a wireless video HDMI set up and the advantages as well as the disadvantages. The good news first…


Eliminate Cable Clutter. Traditional HDMI cables create a cluttered and unsightly appearance. Using wireless video HDMI allows you to have an organized and simplified area around your TV. This is important not only at home, but also in businesses.

Connection Quality. You can expect high-quality video from your wireless video HDMI set up. Some kits deliver up to 1080p60 HD video and others up to 4k. In other words, you can go wireless without worrying about picture and sound quality.



Ease of Setup and Use. Wireless Video HDMI is easy to install. Simply connect a transmitter to your media device and a receiver to your TV.



Wireless Video HDMI offers flexibility in terms of where you put your media device and TV. Set up your Blu-ray in one room and place your TV anywhere you like up to a 150 ft range. This could be on a media stand or a wall mount without the limitations of HDMI cables.





No Home Wi-Fi Network Needed. Like an HDMI cable, wireless video HDMI does not require a home Wi-Fi network, so if your internet cuts out, you will still have access to all your devices.






  • Connection Quality. How can this be listed as both a pro and a con? Well, there are some factors that can reduce the connection quality depending on your circumstances. Most wireless video HDMI kits have a distance range of about 100 to 150 feet. Going beyond that range or through more than two or three walls or floors can reduce the connection quality. Walls and floors that are made of brick, cement, metal or stone can reduce the quality as well.


  • Wireless connectivity is a small investment. Wireless Video HDMI transmitter and receiver kits can cost upwards of $150. It’s up to you to determine if the pros listed above generate the value that you are seeking.


Wireless Video HDMI kits like MyWirelessTV2 are available at a number of online stores, including Amazon and Best Buy.

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